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Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment

C Change works with the resource, agricultural, service and government sectors on a range of environmental issues as diverse as:

  • Land regeneration and rehabilitation,
  • Biological waste management;
  • Strategic environmental management advice;
  • Environmental risk assessment;
  • Sustainable food production; and,
  • Sustainable community design.

Our mine-site regeneration practices are ground breaking and utilise our in-depth understanding of biological systems to achieve outstanding results within a relatively short time-frame. Our team works across varied environments all over the world rehabilitating land affected by:

  • extractive mining;
  • extreme overgrazing;
  • flooding, erosion and landslips; and,
  • continuous long term applications of toxic agricultural chemicals.

Our efforts result in land that was once discarded becoming useable and profitable again. Ecosystem function and sustainable production are key components of our agenda and the ultimate success of our strategies.

Our waste management expertise can show you how your business can turn what was once a liability into a valuable asset. Waste management can be an expensive exercise for most businesses, but with the right strategies, you can improve your environmental performance as well as your bottom line.

Our experience allows us to provide you with sound environmental management advice that can improve your overall business performance.