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Improving business and waste management strategies, while helping the environment

Improving business while helping the enviromnemnt

CChange is holding discussions with the resource sector to assist in improving their business and waste management strategies, while helping the environment.

CChange is dedicated to achieving sustainable outcomes in business, environment, social and economic contexts. In this regard, we have recently engaged in discussions with the resource sector about how they can best manage their organic waste and use it as a resource that provides not only financial benefits for themselves, but also benefits for a host of other players (such as the communities within which they operate, the Regional Government Authorities, farmers / other land users / industries and the environment generally). Waste management audits, which lead to best practice and practical recommendations of change for the resource sector players, coupled with other initiatives can decrease business costs by up to 30% while providing resources that can assist in increasing productivity of land. CChange’s blend of economic, social and environmental services can show your organisation what it means to implement a truly sustainable solution. If you are interested in learning more about this fusion of economics, environmental and social services, please contact us now.

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