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Understanding the value in key programs that assist in keeping people from homelessness

Mission Australia

Through its Cost Benefit Analysis expertise, CChange Sustainable Solutions and Andrea Young Planning Consultants have helped Mission Australia understand the value in key programs that assist in keeping people from homelessness.

Together with Andrea Young Planning Consultants, CChange has recently completed a Cost Benefit Analysis on key tenancy and homelessness programs within Mission Australia to assist in quantifying the savings to Government and society. The study found that for every dollar invested in some of these strategies, Government was saving at least $13.50, and society even more. Furthermore, the intangible benefits of the programs (that is, those benefits that cannot be easily costed) include: enabling government organisations to concentrate on their core business and hence have efficiency improvements; provide clients with the confidence to take steps towards seeking employment; and has even resulted in saving lives. A summary of the Report’s findings can be found here, which was also included in an episode of the 7.30 Report for RESOLVE. The study used Cost Benefit Analysis techniques that are approved by most State Governments’ across Australia, and coupled this with the collection of empirical evidence through sensitive and comprehensive consultation. CChange and Andrea Young Planning Consultants can tailor studies to suit your organisation’s needs, whether this be simply a more evidenced based understanding of your operations, or the need for your organisation to ‘talk’ economics in easy to understand terms to a variety of audiences, including key decision makers, Governments, communities, clients and other organisations. We also provide teaching services should your organisation wish to learn how to conduct Cost Benefit Analyses in-house. Refer to an example information brochure here. Please feel free to contact Vanessa Bennett if you would like more information.

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